Nightclub City adds new Halloween celebrities to the party


One of the subtle draws to Nightclub City is the ability to "collect" celebrities, who will either randomly visit your club, or who can be paid to make an appearance in your club. These celebrities add to your club's popularity for as long as they are in the club, which has multiple effects (the most noteworthy being the sheer increase in the number of patrons coming to your club, thereby increasing your cover charge and drink revenues).

To celebrate Halloween, Booyah has added a new trio of Halloween celebrities to the mix tonight. For a limited time, you can now pay Count Macula, Freakenstein, and the Bride of Freakenstein to make an appearance in your club. All three cost a whopping 1 million coins each to purchase, but they also come with a high amount of popularity points, at 200 points each. Pay 3 million coins and your club will instantly boost 600 popularity points! To put this into perspective, many other celebrities add just 50 or 100 popularity points per appearance.

The only downside? Your club must be located on Elm Street, one of the game's Halloween themed locations in order to have them appear in your club. For those that don't have the 10 million dollars to move their club to said location, this can be a bit disappointing, but at least those that did make the splurge now have more content with which to spend their time.

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Have you moved your nightclub to Elm Street? Will you to add these celebrities to your club? Let us know in the comments.