Elusive McRib to return to McDonald's for a limited engagement


In the world of fast food, it is rare that popular items disappear from menus. A clear exception to this rule, however, has been McDonald's McRib sandwich, which, since it was cut from the standard package of offerings in the U.S. in 2005, has resurfaced from time to time in outlets across the country. Now the company has announced that the sandwich will return to McDonald's menus across the nation for a six-week run beginning November 2.

The company claims that there is not enough consistent market demand to add the sandwich to its standing menu. However, in its absence, public demand for this $1.99 bit of porcine goodness has given rise to a website that tracks transitory sandwich spottings. This devotion also gave birth to a well-known satirical take on The Simpsons, in an episode in which Homer goes on the road as a groupie to Krusty Burger's Ribwich.