McDonald's Employee Claims Job Made Him Fat. Judge Agrees.

Jobs can make you fat. That's what a judge ruled.

The job a man worked at a McDonald's in Brazil made him gain 65 pounds over 12 years. He saw himself as required to sample the food for quality every day. That's what he told the judge, reports Gawker.

The judge agreed with the porker and awarded him $17,500. Count on copycat lawsuits closer to home.

Think about how fattening it is to be pent up all day like a hog in a cramped cubicle and forced to operate a computer. That overbearing manager, you bet, makes you stress eat at lunch, plus on the way home in your car, during dinner, and even at breakfast the next day. And how about those ongoing layoffs -- which you escaped but which put 45 pounds on your 5-foot frame? Had the layoffs been avoided or at least handled better, you would have never needed a drawer full of miniature Snickers bars.

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