Mafia Wars Halloween Loot Event: Complete jobs and brawl for seven rare costumes

Halloween Loot Event
Halloween Loot Event

Just when you thought Zynga was done with Halloween in Mafia Wars, the team throws a change up with the Halloween Loot Event. On top of everything else going on this season, doing jobs and beating the pulp out of people like normal will randomly drop one of seven new Halloween costume items like the Devil Costume and Zombie Costume (top left).

Collecting all seven costumes will reward players with the Vampire Bat, an animal with 67 Attack and 34 Defense, which when compared with the stats on the collection's seven other items is pretty impressive, unfortunately. Some of the costumes are actually pretty elaborate (and scary!) like the Ghost Costume (top right). Could you imagine walking into a Halloween party and seeing a dude dressed like that? Either way, this is a free event that will last through Oct. 31. So, get to... doing what you normally do--and quick--if you want to complete the whole Halloween set.

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