Jobless Think They Should Be Picky about Next Job, But Not Too Picky

The 15 million jobless think they should be picky about what their next job will be, but not too picky

Some of those jobless were surveyed by the Heldrich Center for Workforce Development, reports The New York Times. On the one hand, the jobless didn't agree that they should take just any job. After all, in America a job is something more than just earning a living. It is taken as a sign of a professional identity, social status, and even considered a place to make friends. On the other hand, the jobless agreed that if their former industry had been eliminated, then sure they should accept temporary assignments, lower pay, lousy hours, and enter a field they had no experience in.

Those against safety-net mechanisms such as extended unemployment benefits want the jobless to be forced to take a job, any job. Forget being choosy. That in itself, the anti-safety netters judge, would bring down the nation's unemployment level.

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