Happy Pets: Hire a Monkey Butler to do your bidding, look adorable

Monkey ButlerFinally, a pet that will actually do something around this mess we call a house. For those of you that are sick and tired of your lazy pets making messes they can't clean up themselves, CrowdStar has introduced the Monkey Butler to Happy Pets. For a seriously steep 348 Facebook Credits, or $34.80, this cute little helper will cook, clean and make your other pets happy with just one click of the "Housekeeping" button within the pet's menu.

Fortunately, the Monkey Butler is an actual pet, but breeding it only creates regular Monkeys. Hasn't CrowdStar ever heard of a family business? Anyway, the simian servant requires feeding every 12 hours and will mature in four days. For nearly the cost of some PC and Nintendo DS games, this is certainly an investment. While it would be exponentially more expensive, you might want to go ahead and aim for scoring a real monkey butler--that would probably do more good than save you a few mouse clicks.

Are you considering buying the Monkey Butler pet? What do you think of utility items like this in your social games? Sound off in the comments. Add Comment.
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