FarmVille Halloween Animals: Robot Cow & Witch Cat


Tonight's FarmVille update brings with it two new Halloween themed animals, that you might recognize from one of the game's newest loading screens.

The animals are the Robot Cow and the Witch Cat, which are both available for Farm Cash (22 and 12 Farm Cash, respectively). It's interesting to see the Witch Cat being offered as a store item, seeing as how Zynga has advertised the item as a free gift with purchase of Farm Cash (see our article written earlier this evening), but we'll take the additional chance to purchase one without complaints.

With just three days left until Halloween, you'll need to reach into those virtual (or perhaps real world) pocketbooks soon to make sure you add these spooky animals to your farm while they are still available.

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Will you pick up either of these animals, or are you saving your Farm Cash for other Halloween goodies? Let us know in the comments.