FarmVille Dinosaur Costume: "Rawr" means "I love farming" in dinosaur


Zynga has gone all out this October, adding a whole slew of both decorative items and free gifts to the pages of FarmVille for users to get into (and to help their friends celebrate) the Halloween season. Included in that celebration was the release of page after page of Halloween costumes with which you can deck out your avatar in the holiday spirit as well.

While the current selection might have contained more than enough options to fill your avatar's closet with potential costumes for years to come, one more (particularly special) costume was added to the game this evening. But what is the costume, I hear you asking. Well, if the picture at right didn't give it away, the new costume is the Dinosaur costume, and it can be purchased for 100,000 coins.

This costume is noteworthy due to the fact that it was inspired by player submissions in a recent art project that took place on the official FarmVille forums. Unfortunately, even though the costume has just been added to the store, it still has the same 3-Day time limit that now rests on the vast majority of Halloween goodies released in the game. Shop fast if you want your avatar to be able to say "Rawr" as a T-Rex this Halloween.

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Will you purchase the Dinosaur costume, or have you already chosen the perfect costume from the large list of available options? Let us know in the comments.

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