FarmVille Bull available as a free gift for "very limited" time


If you don't regularly check out the FarmVille free gifts page, you might miss out on a chance to help your friends earn the ability to breed their cows, as for a "very limited time" (the phrase coming from an in-game pop-up), Bulls are now available to send to your FarmVille neighbors as a free gift.

For those who are unfamiliar, you'll need to place a Bull into your Dairy Farm to trigger the ability to breed your cows at random the next time you collect your profits from the Dairy Farm itself. It's all random, with different calf types being born depending on the types of adult cows that currently reside in the building.

We're not sure exactly when the Bull will leave the free gifts page, but it has to be soon. Be sure to help your newer FarmVille neighbors out by sending them a Bull (or two) while you still can!

Do you already have enough Bulls on your farm? What do you think of the cow breeding feature in FarmVille? Let us know in the comments.