FanSwarm: Fantasy sports gets a celebrity spin in new Facebook game

fanswarm celebrity facebook
fanswarm celebrity facebook

If your media diet consists mostly of celebrity gossip blogs and magazines -- you'll be happy to know that you can put all of that knowledge to work in a new Facebook game called FanSwarm.

The game, created by Ayeah Games, is a celeb-focused fantasy sports- game, but instead of a team of athletes, you choose a team of celebs and earn points based on what's being said about them in blogs and on Twitter.

"We use an algorithm that reads the heat of the social graph to figure out if a celebrity is hot or not," says Doug Levin, Ayeah Games president and CEO. "You can gain points by betting on Charlie Sheen and Lindsay Lohan's crazy careers."

The game will launch with 2,000 celebrities to choose from -- including popular political candidates -- and you will be able to select your celebs and then predict how their career will fare. If you're correct, you'll earn extra points and level up in the game to become the Queen or King of FanSwarm.