Facebook Games Portal could be here as soon as November

Facebook Gaming Event September 2010
Facebook Gaming Event September 2010

It looks like Facebook is trying to make our games better still, if Tech Crunch's sources are any indication. (Actually, we might be better off if you just stop trying, guys.) According to the tech blog, Facebook will be launching a portion of their website dedicated solely to games as soon as November. While details are essentially nonexistent, we can hope imagine that if Facebook is using the word portal that the feature will operate much like other casual web game websites like Kongregate or Newgrounds. What this means is that Facebook gamers would access their favorite social games via one page rather than have to find each app's fan page to play and get their updates

Tech Crunch contacted Facebook, who responded with, "As we announced in September [pictured above], we have a games team working on building features to make it easier for people to discover and re-engage with games. We have nothing further to share at this time." We sure hope that this new portal will help us discover new games more easily, because as it stands right now things aren't looking so hot.

Facebook is apparently working with a few publishers to get the project off the ground in November, namely the big boys like Zynga and Playdom. While there's no doubt that something is in the works, exactly what it is and how it will operate probably won't be seen until November when the project finally goes live.

[Image Credit: Tech Crunch]

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