ESPNU College Town Update: New University Quads and buildings keep spirits high

Penn State QuadWhile the star of yesterday's ESPNU College Town update was the new Halloween items, Playdom also added new university-affiliated items to the game that could improve the personal flair of your campus. A brand new type of item, University Logo Quads, has been introduced to the game. These glossy, massive slabs of pavement adorned with your college logo can be placed anywhere normal roads or crosswalks can and go for 9 Campus Cash each, or about $2.50. Each Quad also grants 650 Happiness and 200 XP, so it's not too bad of a deal.

The rest of the items included in the update are a slew of buildings, stadiums and mascots for those who were left out in previous updates. Take a look in the Affiliation section of the game (go to Campus Information and click "Change") to see if your university was lucky enough to be part of this pass through. Finally, Playdom also optimized ESPNU to use fewer resources, which should mean a faster game with less crashes... should. Thankfully, the team is open to feedback, so keep reporting those crashes.

What do you think of the new university-specific items? Will you be adding a few Quads to your campus? Let us know in the comments. Add Comment.
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