What the Smurf? Capcom to launch Smurfs' Village on iPhone this Nov.

Smurfs' Village
Smurfs' Village

When Capcom announced two of their three social iPhone games earlier this month the company decided to keep the third a secret. Until now. This November, Capcom expects to release Smurfs' Village for iPhone and iPod Touch, Macworld reports. When the company alluded to the game as a "licensed title based on a children's entertainment property," we expected something more along the lines of, say, Dora the Explorer.

But Smurfs' Village will probably have smurf tons more nostalgia appeal than Capcom might expect. Legions of reminiscent 25 to 30-year-old iPhone users will likely latch onto this FarmVille mimic faster than Papa Smurf did Smurfette. Yes, Smurfs' Village is expected to play much like Zynga's flagship game, though hopefully the Smurfs don't suffer the same stability issues. Players will be tasked with restoring their Smurf village to its former glory after Gargamel trashed the place by building a town, planting crops and helping out individual Smurfs. The game also includes elements of FrontierVille with Papa Smurf replacing Frontier Jack as your mentor character and will also feature mini games like painting and baking that will hopefully differentiate it from other existing social games, according to Macworld.

According to the screenshots, Capcom has thankfully done the Smurf world justice with every building, piece of terrain and, well, Smurf rendered in adorable detail. Again, the game will be absolutely free to download, but purchases of Smurfberries--the game's paid currency--will be encouraged. Stay tuned for when the hopefully smurftastic game launches this November in the App Store. Now, where's my David the Gnome?

Will you be downloading this game when it goes live next month? What other classic cartoon franchises would you like to see immortalized on iPhone or Facebook? Sound off in the comments. Add Comment.

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