Black Friday app watch: Overwhelming Offers on the go

cool cat holding his iPhone with excitementForget the lines, stress and early rising on November 26. Every day is like Black Friday with savings on the iPhone application Overwhelming Offers: OO on the Go. Save from home, work or on the commute between the two.

OO on the Go gives big discounts on a variety of purchases. Previous offers featured $25 off of $50 spent at Bed Bath and Beyond, $90 off Ugg boots and 50% savings on cosmetics. Electronics such as digital cameras and game systems are often on sale via the app, as well. One of the application's most popular deals is $100 Nintendo Wii's. Coupon categories include electronics, travel, everyday needs, apparel and accessories, home and kids and babies, among others.

Based off the website,, the deals work on a first come, first save basis. It's a model similar to Groupon. A certain number of items go on sale and the first shoppers to claim the deal, get the buy. Because the items with the largest price cuts disappear the fastest, OO on the Go helps customers increase the chances of snagging a deal.

Users can even set notifications for favorite categories. For example, tech junkies or clothing fanatics can set an alert to go off five minutes before a savings in the specific area begins. Receive alerts for more than one category so that you never miss a favorite discount again.

New deals pop up every week day, with the exception of holidays. Plus, the app isn't overrun by ads. Instead of paying for the free app through advertising, merchants pay to lower prices, often by 50%.

OO on the Go will help shoppers save on gifts this holiday season without battling Black Friday crowds. Purchases are straightforward and fast and, with Overwhelming Offers in application form, buyers don't have to rush to the computer to take advantage of limited time offers. If only all big bargains were that simple to snag.
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