Small Store Start-Ups Give the Unemployed a Shot at Profitable Entrepreneurship

small businessSome customers seem to like the contrast that small store star- ups give to the big box stores. The Daily News featured four of these "small is beautiful" approaches to leasing space for your enterprise. One is Cass Lilien's 5.5-by-9-foot outlet in New York City. There she makes jewelry and sells jewelry kits. Her rent is $500 a month. Lilien solves the problem of no restroom by using the one in a store nearby and returns the favor with a bracelet now and then.

Clearly, those of you determined to control your work future can find affordable space for your enterprise. No longer is there a stigma about going it so inexpensively. Actually for some customers, the small space and no frills could give you an edge: You are perceived as not indulging in premium branding tactics to market and sell at a premium price. Moreover, if customers want what a Tiffany & Co. or a McDonald's offers in terms of ambiance, they have the option of doing business with either of them.

The current marketplace is no longer a monolith. Within all that fragmentation, you can make your own space.

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