Rianna Mallard Lands a Job Thanks to Her Sister's Plea... on a Blog


Social networking was the tipping point for 22-year-old Rianna Mallard landing a job in Manhattan. And it was her sister Carlee's blogging and tweeting 500 miles away that did the trick.

The New York Post tells the story about how a newbie college graduate from Raleigh, N.C., bought a one-way ticket to the big city -- with no place to stay or job awaiting. Concerned, her sister back in North Carolina blogged a plea to HASO (Help A Sister Out). When the managing partner at Glenmark Realty found the blog on Google while doing a background search on the applicants, that convinced him to choose Rianna. He figured that if the sister pumped so much energy into this digital cheerleading, Rianna must be a good person.

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