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Would you go to see a movie if the movie trailer was boring or buy a book if the information on the book jacket was dull? Probably not. Yet when people craft their resumes, they generally introduce their candidacy with a summary statement that is so unmemorable and generic that it looks like hundreds of others and does nothing to position or market them to prospective employers.

Your resume may be the single-most important marketing tool you ever write; but many job-seekers continue to put minimal effort into the writing strategy and presentation, particularly the summary section. Below are four tips for writing better resume profile/summary statements and sample profile statements.

Create a resume headline.

A resume headline, like a newspaper headline gets people's attention. The headline allows you to market your professional identity and positions you as the right candidate for the role.

Build interest in your candidacy.

The summary section of your resume is generally the first part of the document the hiring managers will read. In order to make them read further, you need to capture their attention by including information that is relevant to their company's needs. Do you possess a certain skill that they will be interested in? Have you been recognized formally for your work? Have you worked for companies or serviced accounts that will make you a more viable candidate? Be sure to include whatever differentiates you in the summary section.

Focus on results.

Showcase high-level examples of the success you have achieved in previous jobs and how you do things smarter, faster, and more efficiently. Did you cut costs, introduce new product, or streamline a process to save time? Write about what you have achieved and quantify your results with numbers, dollars, and percentages when appropriate.

Eliminate personal attributes.

Writing that you are detail-oriented or a team player in the summary section does little to differentiate you as a candidate. Many applicants list these tired phrases on their resume without any proof that they actually possess these characteristics. Stick with the facts and eliminate the fluff.


Results-producing Marketing Professional with a proven record in developing, executing and analyzing comprehensive marketing strategies in support of company goals and objectives. Directed the creation of marketing tools and steered the execution of marketing programs. Demonstrated successful growth in targeted markets through implementation of key projects. Excellent leadership skills; built and guided top-performing marketing teams. Adept at communicating with all levels of management, vendors, and internal departments or partners to coordinate overall marketing efforts. Proven to be reliable, dependable and professional.


Marketing & Operations Professional

consumer goods ▪ retail environments ▪ multi-site locations ▪ corporate & in-store experience ▪ Fortune 500

Marketing Program Management...

Experience launching new products and services and reversing struggling campaigns into strong performing programs with annualized ROI.

Operational Transformations...

Continuous success tightening operational infrastructures to save millions of dollars, streamline processes, eliminate redundancies, scale resources, optimize staff, and enhance measurement and reporting capabilities.


Reputation for creating programs that motivate staff to collaborate and embrace company mission and values. Demonstrated success retaining employees, spotting talent, and mentoring high potentials.


Sales, Services and Support Executive

Experienced executive (with proven track record) and accomplished at managing change that drives growth, success and continuous impact during changing economic/market conditions, acquisition/competitive climate and company product/maturity evolution.


Global Software Executive

  • Driving sales and operations excellence for sales, service, and support teams in turnaround and high-growth environments.
  • Success transforming and optimizing business processes and driving growth as much as 300% in challenging and competitive business environments including changing economic and market conditions, product acquisitions and integrations, and product maturity/evolution.
  • Expertise in turnaround strategy, operational planning, metrics management and organizational alignment.
  • Strong record of achievement blending multiple sales and services cultures and management systems acquisitions into one unified and more productive team.
  • Experience leading teams to larger deal sizes, improved compensation plans and metrics, better lead generation, faster sales cycles and higher close ratios.

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