PetVille's Haunted Mansion Set updated with creepy animations

Haunted Mansion Animated Items
Haunted Mansion Animated Items

While PetVille's Haunted Mansion set released earlier this month with a slew of eerie items like Grandma Ghost, Zynga decided that they just weren't spooky enough. So, the team has updated a few of the items already featured in the Haunted Mansion Set with new animations that are sure to spice things up in your pet's home this Halloween. Unfortunately, no mention has been made whether Zynga will refund those who paid for the original versions of these items (it's doubtful).

Like normal with PetVille's animated items, each one costs a set amount of Pet Cash and some are only available for a limited time--just over four days to be exact. Adding a googly-eyed, tentacled monster, a ghostly piano and a bloody guillotine that drops of its own accord to your room will ensure you've hit just about every horror trope under the full moon.

Find a sneak peek of these limited edition items after the break and make a decision quick as these are set to disappear forever come Nov. 1.

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