Pet Society's Halloween Mystery Boxes hide five new costumes inside

Halloween Mystery Boxes
Halloween Mystery Boxes

Like Playfish says, "You can't have Halloween without costumes," and we couldn't agree more--but hunts for spooky treasure help. To make good on their own mantra, the team has added five new costumes to be found in Pet Society's Halloween Mystery Box. For just 1,100 coins each, players will have a chance at one of five costumes like the oddly familiar Spooky Clown costume (pictured). But remember, not every box is guaranteed to hold a brand new costume.

If you're willing to press your luck even further, the boxes are available in bundles of five and 13 as well for 4,400 and 11,000 coins, respectively. But you better take a gamble fast as these boxes, like all of the Halloween items in Pet Society, will only be available through Oct. 31.

Check behind the cut for a look at the rest of the costumes you might be lucky enough to find.

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