Orlando Vacation Packages: Choosing the Right One

Orlando Vacation Packages

The sheer number of Orlando vacation packages available can make choosing the best one for your central Florida trip a bit overwhelming. One way to narrow it down would be to use the old reporter's maxim for writing a news story and make sure you address these six points: who, what, where, when, why and how. Once you do your homework, you'll know what specific type of Orlando vacation package will best fit your situation.

Orlando Vacation Packages: Who?

Is this a romantic trip for you and your significant other, a family vacation for four, an extended family reunion, a golf trip for you and your buddies, or a bachelorette party with the bride-to-be and her sorority sisters?

Orlando Vacation Packages: What?

Do you seek a theme park adventure or a relaxing weekend at an Orlando-area resort? Will you stay exclusively in central Florida or will you take day trips to the beaches or other attractions? Are you a serious kayaker who wants to spend a day paddling in nearby wilderness areas?

Orlando Vacation Packages: Where?

Do you want to stay on theme park property? Would you rather be close to the weekend nightlife of downtown Orlando? Are you seeking four-star hotel accommodations or a budget hotel? Is there family living in the area whom you want to stay near (or with)?

Orlando Vacation Packages: When?

This is probably the most important point to address because it makes quite a difference. For instance, summer school vacation is one of the most crowded times at the theme parks, but the heat of the season means uncrowded golf resorts and courses with lower fees. Crowds at the theme parks are thinner and the weather is nicer during the fall, but you'll have to pull the kids out of school. So are shorter lines more important, or are you beholden to the school vacation calendar? Is your schedule flexible enough that you can travel during off-peak times to save money on an Orlando vacation package?

Orlando Vacation Packages: Why?

Are you taking the vacation for relaxation, exploration or recreation? Do you want to cram in as much as possible, or do you seek a slower pace because you plan on returning every year? Are you there to check out the newest theme park attractions or focus on a particular park? Will you pair an Orlando vacation with a Caribbean cruise?

Orlando Vacation Packages: How?

Do you plan on flying, driving or riding a train to Orlando? If you fly, will you rent a car or depend on taxis and resort shuttles to get around? Will you be using cash, credit cards or traveler's checks to pay for things once you arrive? If you're visiting Orlando from outside the United States, are there specific passport or visa issues you will need to address?

Once you have answered the "Five W's and One H," you will be much more prepared to begin your search for the perfect Orlando vacation package. If you are more comfortable using a travel agent, take your answers to him or her to help in the planning. But most people these days turn to the web for their vacation planning.

Now that you've narrowed down the list of what sort of Orlando vacation package you're seeking, you can glean some keywords for your internet searches. Be specific: "Orlando Golf Vacation Packages November"; "Disney World Vacation Packages August"; "Orlando Eco Vacation Packages."

Before you use any service to plan your Orlando vacation package, be sure to seek recommendations from friends or family, and check the company's record with the Better Business Bureau to make sure it's reputable.

And have a great Orlando vacation!

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