Mall Dreams releases Haunted House and other buildings


Mall Dreams has over a million players now, so some of you out there must have been sitting back waiting for more Halloween items. So far, we've only seen a few gift options with no real good in-store items to purchase. Today, Mall Dreams has released a Haunted House in the store that is big, animated, and sure to bring in some scares. The Haunted House costs 1,800 coins, but if you're not yet level 19 you can purchase it for 19 Facebook Credits. It is a 5x5 building, so it's fairly substantial in size and gives out 260 coins.

In addition to the Halloween spookhouse, four new buildings were also released today. The Knack Store is an obvious homage to the Apple Stores nationwide, showing an image of a pear with a bite out of the side. It costs 800 coins, requires level 18, and gives out 240 coins. The Basketball Plaza is 1,100 coins and requires level 21. It gives out 280 coins for collecting from it. The High Steaks building looks to be a butcher shop, and if you're level 24 you can purchase it for 2,850 coins. Finally, the Dr. Nice's Drugstore is the best place to cure your ailments at 65 coins to own it.

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