Island Paradise: Dress for a zombie invasion or vampire attack

Island Paradise Vampire and Zombie costumes
Island Paradise Vampire and Zombie costumes

Yesterday, Island Paradise rolled out the beginning of their new Halloween theme. Tonight the tropical game has just launched two Halloween costumes, giving players the last-minute chance to buy outfits to dress up in for the creepy holiday on Sunday. The two available costumes are the Vampire and the Zombie, and there are matching outfits for both males and females. There are also many other outfits that would work great for Halloween costumes, including the pumpkin shirt, pirate outfits, skeleton shirts, Egyptian garb, and other tattered clothing. Some of these costumes may not actually be intended for Halloween, but they will still make a good fit.

The price for the Zombie and Vampire costumes comes out to be about 15,000 coins total. The costumes come in more than one piece though, so they can be mixed and matched. Want a vampire head and a zombie body? No problem! Head into Island Paradise to see these new costumes and get your hands on some festive fare.

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