FarmVille, Facebook game addiction runs rampant in recent headlines

farmville, facebook addiction runs rampant
farmville, facebook addiction runs rampant

Over the past year, Facebook gaming addiction has turned into a hot-button topic as we've been bombarded with news headlines about mothers neglecting their children while playing FarmVille and other games. Studies have also shown that fifth of all social gamers consider themselves hooked on these games, treating it as their drug of choice to escape reality.

There is little to no empirical evidence of psychological addiction to social games or games in general, the American Medical Association says, but when these sometimes shocking stories start to make headlines, it's hard not to wonder if there's more to the story.

If this is the case, who's to blame? Some experts point to the games' creators for creating games designed to get players hooked, others cite personal responsibility as the answer.

We'll let you draw your own conclusions, but take a look at how the alleged epidemic has spread over the past year:

October 2009:

Teens 'Addicted' to FarmVille; We Are Too

Nurses Ditch Patients for FarmVille

December 2009:

Google Real-Time Search reveals rampant FarmVille addiction

De-motivational posters designed to curb FarmVille addiction

January 2010:

Addicted to FarmVille! Dr. Phil scolds mom for tending to crops, not family

March 2010:

FarmVille freak: Bulgarian politician fired for farming on the job

May 2010:

When the local news looks at "Farmville addiction"

August 2010:

FarmVille freak hooks up computer to treadmill

September 2010:

ABC's Good Morning America asks, 'Why are women obsessed with FarmVille?'

Social game-addicted mother neglects children, starves dogs to death

Facebook users: 55% play social games, 19% say they're addicted

October 2010:

'Social games are designed to be addictive,' says internet rehab founder

Newsweek rates Facebook's 'most addictive games', the most fun epidemic in years

FarmVille-addicted mom shakes baby to death

What do you think of Facebook gaming addiction? Is this "addiction" the real deal or can social gaming just become a dangerous habit for some unfortunate folks? Speak your mind in the comments. Add Comment.

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