FarmVille Black Witch Cat free with any Farm Cash purchase


Zynga really wants you to purchase Farm Cash in FarmVille. How do we know this? Simple - in a new promotion, Zynga is now offering yet another free item to users who make a purchase for Farm Cash.

The next time you login to FarmVille, you may see a pop-up like the one above, offering a free Black Witch Cat with any Farm Cash purchase. As of this writing, the Black Witch Cat is unable to purchase from the game's store, and we're guessing that that's the way it will remain. After all, what better way to entice users to purchase Farm Cash than to reward them with an item that can only be earned through a purchase? Note: Turns out that exclusivity really wasn't, as Zynga has released the item in store for Farm Cash.

If you'd like one of these Halloween kitties, but don't necessarily care about the color you receive, remember that if you own an iPhone/iPad, you can purchase the exclusive White Witch Cat - it's the same animal, only white, and with a purple hat, rather than black.

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Will you purchase Farm Cash to receive a free Black Witch Cat, or are you fine purchasing the White version from your Apple device? Let us know in the comments.

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