ESPNU College Town Halloween Buildings and giant monster terrorize campus

Haunted House
Corn Maze

And here you thought the Windows 7 update was it for ESPNU College Town in October. Well, Playdom decided to ring in Halloween in the most collegiate way possible in ESPNU: giant monsters! From now through Oct. 31, players will find a massive lizard (pictured right) thrashing about in their

Giant Monster
Giant Monster

campus to piercing screams of, "Gojira!"

Alright, that last part's a lie, but wouldn't that be awesome? In addition to having good old Big and Ugly roaming our universities, there are three limited edition Halloween buildings to pick up for Campus Cash. The Haunted House will give your students 600 Happiness and 300 XP for 15 Campus Cash, or about $4. For 12 Campus Cash (about $3.50), both the Corn Maze and Spooky Graveyard will grant players with a hefty 375 XP and 750 Happiness for their students. Not to mention that some team mascots have grown to monstrous sizes with more to come. Is there a Giant Mascots vs. Giant Lizard in the works? Probably not, but again that would be pretty awesome.

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Will you be picking the new Halloween buildings? Which giant mascots have you spotted roaming around campus? Let us know in the comments. Add Comment