Beware! PetVille brings back Midnight Crypt collection

PetVille Midnight Crypt
PetVille Midnight Crypt

PetVille is on a roll with bringing back old themes and giving them a new twist for the Halloween season. First it was the Haunted Mansion theme, and now we're seeing a triumphant return of the Midnight Crypt collection. One of the cooler themes that PetVille has done, these items are great ones to snag while they're around. Here is a list of the new items:

Skullcraft II Collector's Rug - 23 Pet Cash
Wolf Cub, Lil' Kentetsu - 68 Pet Cash
Mystery Crate - 20 Pet Cash (contains 5 items)
Mace and Chain - 3,600 coins
Petrified Perch - 6,150 coins
Shimmering Twins - 36 Pet Cash
Bride of Frank - 39 Pet Cash
Rita Morris - 41 Pet Cash