Beware! PetVille brings back Midnight Crypt collection

PetVille Midnight Crypt
PetVille is on a roll with bringing back old themes and giving them a new twist for the Halloween season. First it was the Haunted Mansion theme, and now we're seeing a triumphant return of the Midnight Crypt collection. One of the cooler themes that PetVille has done, these items are great ones to snag while they're around. Here is a list of the new items:

Skullcraft II Collector's Rug - 23 Pet Cash
Wolf Cub, Lil' Kentetsu - 68 Pet Cash
Mystery Crate - 20 Pet Cash (contains 5 items)
Mace and Chain - 3,600 coins
Petrified Perch - 6,150 coins
Shimmering Twins - 36 Pet Cash
Bride of Frank - 39 Pet Cash
Rita Morris - 41 Pet Cash

Midnight Chandelier - 6,750 coins
Possessed Pipe Organ - 32 Pet Cash
Baron Noir Waistcoat - 8,400 coins
Dark Stripe Trousers - 2,925 coins
Baroness Noir Gown - 21 Pet Cash
Mini Malign Top Hat - 3,450 coins
Lucid Lioness Throne - 17 Pet Cash
The Keeper's Cabinet - 21,000 coins
Skullelabra - 20 Pet Cash
Mystery Eyed Painting - 29 Pet Cash
Eternal Sleep Bed - 21 Pet Cash
Double Wall Candle - 3,600 coins
Devilish Nightstand - 3,150 coins
Nu:Blud Type O Drink - 6 Pet Cash
Countess' Candelabra - 4,350 coins
Haunted Stained Glass Window - 8,250 coins
Antique Vampire Slayer Kit - 11,250 coins
Poltergeist Programmed TV - 27 Pet Cash
Three Wolves Painting - 14 Pet Cash
Haunted Piano - 40 Pet Cash
Gothic Table - 8,000 coins
Jar of Eyes - 5 Pet Cash
Reaching Hand - 4,000 coins
Trick-or-Treater Window - 29 Pet Cash

This massive set of decorations will all be gone in less than 5 days, so if you want a piece of the action you'll want to buy some of it soon. There are some expensive pieces in this collection, but they're also very elaborate. Who says having a permanent haunted room after Halloween ends is a bad thing? Everyone needs a little spookiness now and then.

What's your favorite piece in this collection? What other PetVille collections do you hope are brought back?

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