Zoo Paradise brings back dinosaurs from the Jurassic era

Zoo Paradise dinosaurs
Zoo Paradise dinosaurs

Back in May, Zoo Paradise rolled out a set of adorable big eyed dinosaurs during their archeology theme. Now, players have apparently been requesting these critters so much that Crowdstar has decided to bring a few of them back to make a special appearance. Originally, there was a fairly big set of dinos and all of their accessories and decorations. This time, there are just three new dino companions available to fill your habitats.

Purple Raptor - 60 Facebook Credits
Pink T-Rex - 70 Facebook Credits
Purple Triceratops - 70 Facebook Credits

You'll probably notice that these dinosaurs cost about $1.00 less than they did in early May. Those of you who wait are getting a little discount, which is always appreciated. This dinosaurs do require the Prehistoric Plains habitat, which requires level 12 unless you want to pay Facebook Credits for it.

Are you into these cute dinosaurs, or do you wish Zoo Paradise was embracing Halloween more? Sound off in the comments!