Software Engineers in Demand at Start-Ups

Software engineers are in demand earlier in the game at technical start-ups.

However, Bloomberg Business Week points out that those software engineers are opting for the higher pay and fatter benefits at the big foots like Google and Twitter.

In addition, software engineers have the option to launch their own start-ups. They have the technical expertise -- skills which enterprises founded by management types don't. They can function without that layer of administrative oversight since it's possible to outsource those functions via the Web.

As a solution, management-led start-ups have been posting jobs online. That isn't bringing in the talent, though.

The promise of stock options isn't doing it either. Given the rocky economy, software engineers have come to opt for the bird in the hand, such as more lucrative compensation and the security that established companies can offer them.

Clearly, technical start-ups need a motivational visionary to advise them on how to attract and retain the talent they need. Since small business is so important to economic growth, they might plead their cause to government officials, elected and appointed. Right after the mid-term elections might be the right timing.

In addition, software engineers might have some recommendations on how start-ups can tap something in them that the large companies aren't.

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