Reverse Outsourcing: Telecommuting, Working Full Time Overseas

reverse outsourcingThrough reverse outsourcing, American telecommuting temporary workers as well as those in full-time jobs are earning a living -- often a good one. They are employed by enterprises outside the United States.

The recession has hit different industries in different countries unevenly, reports Newsweek. For example, marketing, information technology, or editing skills may be more in demand in Australia than they are in the states.

The edge Americans bring is impeccable English-speaking ability.

Temporary assignments are listed on general digital job boards such as as well as those specializing in freelancing such as People Per Hour. Hourly pre-tax pay ranges from $12.50 to $30.

In addition, there is increasing demand in Asia and Europe for Americans with business degrees who are willing to relocate, reports Bloomberg Business Week.

That is a positive signal for those of you who might be considering studying for an MBA or Executive MBA program, full time, part time or online. Recently, former GE chief executive officer Jack Welch launched a digital MBA degree program that provides convenient distance learning at a fraction of the price of traditional advanced studies in management.

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