Restaurant City's Halloween dishes are almost too scary to eat


With Halloween rapidly approaching, Playfish has added a whole slew of new recipes to Restaurant City that will either delight, or perhaps sicken those guests that attempt to eat them.

There are three limited time recipes now available to learn (in addition to the Vampire Steak, Blood Orange Juice, and Pumpkin Risotto you also might have learned this holiday season). The first is the Gasping Goulash, a terrifying pasta dish that is literally haunted, with ghosts appearing at random from the dish's pasta noodles. Next is the Almond Brain Pudding. We're hoping that the "brain" part of this dish is simply its shape, as we can't imagine anyone wanting to eat raw brain, let alone a raw brain pudding. Finally, a Brain Drain drink is available to learn. Served in a clear skull-shaped mug with an orange and brown straw, this is perhaps the most appetizing of the three dishes, but we're not sure if that's saying much.

While the thought of these dishes is disgusting (not to mention mostly impossible) in the real world, when taken in the context of a game, they have to be some of the most clever Halloween-themed items we've seen yet. And luckily, you have a bit longer to learn them than you might expect - 11 days, meaning that you have a few days even after Halloween to track down the required ingredients to learn them.

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Which of these three recipes is your favorite? Do you think you'll be able to find the ingredients to learn them all in time? Sound off in the comments.

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