Restaurant City sees release of traditional Halloween item set

While the past few weeks have seen a slew of new Halloween-themed items being released in Playfish's Restaurant City (both Gothic/Vampire and Mad Scientist themes have been represented), this week sees the game going old-school, with all of the orange, black, pumpkin and gore filled goodness that just screams Halloween.

Follow us behind the break to see the newly added items.

Not only are new items available to decorate the interior of your restaurant, but you won't want to forget about theming the outside for Halloween as well. You can now transform your restaurant into a suburban home, complete with front porch and pumpkins via several items in a set. The individual windows even let you put lighted pumpkins out for display - how quaint!

A second outdoor item theme will allow you to transform your restaurant into a spooky dungeon, with fences, an iron door, creepy trees and halloween lights. Don't forget to add the Witch Hunter Mob to the sidewalk outside to really complete the look!

Moving indoors, you can build an entire Ghost Train set, with Ghost Train Stoves, Ghost Train Chairs and Ghost Train Tables. Give your train a path to travel on via Train Track floor tiles (corners and straight pieces sold separately). Other items include large banquet tables that serve six people at once (and increase customer patience), pumpkin lamps, pumpkin piles (think champagne glass towers, only with pumpkins), Halloween themed paintings, themed columns, autumn leaves, fences, party balloons, tombstones, devil and black cat figurines, and even a Sink and Toilet o'Doom (we hate to think of how these items earned their dreadful name).

Rounding out this week's theme are two costumes for your avatar - one in the form of a Skeleton, and the other being the Joker from the Dark Knight.

For a complete look at all of the newly available items, check out the official Restaurant City Blog. And remember, if you don't see the items in your game yet, keep checking back as they should be released to everyone shortly.

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