Ravenwood Fair scares visitors even more with Halloween frights

Ravenwood Fair hasn't been out for a week yet, and already it's one of the top growing Facebook games. This slightly-creepy themed game with a terrifying forest already has the scary thing going for it, so Halloween is a perfect fit for the game. Today, several new Halloween items have reached the Ye Olde Shoppe in Ravenwood Fair, and we have everything you need to know about the new items.

First, the most important new item is the Pumpkin Screamer game. Games are the most important part of Ravenwood Fair, because they increase your fun and bring visitors to your fair. The Pumpkin Screamer game costs 89 Facebook Credits, but is the best game yet. It gives you 250 uses. a 12 coin profit, and a whopping +900 fun. It's also neat, because it's like a pumpkin on a stick and it will only be around for Halloween.

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