Nightclub City: Energy changes game drastically, good or bad?

Nightclub City Energy Boosts
If you play a lot of games on Facebook, you've probably already experienced the energy mechanic in games like Treasure Isle, Pirates Ahoy, It Girl, or FrontierVille. Now, Nightclub City is the latest game to join the club (pun definitely intended) and use energy as the main driving mechanic in their game. Unlike other games which have added a decorative item that uses energy (such as the coffee machines in Cafe World), Nightclub City has completely revamped the game to integrate energy into the core experience. Could this be a bad thing?

Now, all players have 20 energy to spend doing activities in their club. Almost everything costs energy, from doing bartender tricks and dedicating songs to your clubgoers. Once you run out of energy, you really can't do anything in the game. Players are already complaining about this change because it means they're now severely limited on what they can do in their club without paying money or waiting for energy to regenerate. Energy can be purchased for Facebook Credits of course, or it will naturally come back over time. One good thing is that you can now start parties instantly without needing Facebook Credits - you just use your energy.
Nightclub City

Another change is the addition of Luxury. Luxury is a new meter that controls how much your drinks cost, and it goes up based on how good your club looks. Buying fancier decorations will increase your luxury and therefore your profit from packing a full house. There is also a ton of information when you click on your quests, including four meters - Happiness, Tip Rate, Fights Started, and Pukes. You can kick people out who are causing trouble or throwing up, and dedicate songs or give VIP status to people who aren't happy.

This feels a bit risky at this stage in the game for Nightclub City, but we can't deny that these changes make sense. It's now more fun and makes more sense to interact with guests. It feels like there is a point to doing things within your club, whereas before it didn't feel like anything had much of an effect. Energy is a proven mechanic that sells well and should do well for Nightclub City as long as the existing playerbase doesn't feel too alienated or shocked by this change. Nightclub City is a great game, so we wish it the best and look forward to watching the community reaction to these changes.

What do you think about Nightclub City switching to use energy now in order to play? Love it or hate it? Give us your opinion in the comments!

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