It Girl releases cars to help you dominate showdowns

It Girl Cars
It Girl Cars

Have you been having problems dominating the other girls in It Girl? Need to boost your confidence so that you can take part in more showdowns and earn coins and experience faster? Now, you can do just that with the new cars that were released today. If you have made it to Los Angeles (which requires you to be level 22) you can now access six different cars. These cars will give you a Showdown Bonus that is added to your total hotness score, and should be used when you are doing a showdown with a girl who is close in hotness with you. They won't guarantee that you win the fight though, and if your opponent has a car you will have to compare points with them to ensure a win.

Cars can be purchased by clicking "My Status" at the bottom of your screen. You can have more than one car; they are stored in your garage to use in showdowns. Cars have two different values on them - a Fuel Economy and a Showdown Bonus. The Fuel Economy controls how long it takes for your gas to run out - the higher the number the longer it will take. Gas is depleted when you go to parties (because you drive your car there), but doesn't deplete for doing showdowns themselves. Refueling your car costs cash which is earned through paying the game and doesn't require paying real money.

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