Free Halloween pumpkin stencils

Jack O' Lanterns
Jack O' Lanterns

Pumpkin stencils are all the rage this Halloween. Here are five places to find more than 100 Halloween pumpkin stencils that you can download, cut out and use to decorate yout pumpkin. Whether you use the pumpkin stencils to draw or carve a design is up to you.

Hershey's has 30 Halloween pumpkin stencils, divided evenly into beginner, intermediate and advanced design.

eHow has 40 Halloween pumpkin stencils to choose from. Click on your favorite to download a pumpkin-sized template. has dozens of un-Halloween pumpkin stencils divided into nine categories, including "I love America," "Christian," and "Famous people." There was even a stencil of the Maytag man!

Better Homes and Gardens has some of the most diverse Halloween pumpkin stencils I've seen, including dog and cat breeds, and "text me" pumpkin designs. To get the stencils, answer six questions about your carving preferences and share your e-mail in case you want to sign up for one of their four newsletters. I got six suggestions after going through the steps.

Download 10 free Halloween pumpkin stencils courtesy of M&Ms. The designs range from traditional scary jack-o-lanterns to bats, a skull and a skinny ghost. Each one is its own pdf file, so you don't have to download more than you want. Click on the link above, then scroll over the pumpkin design you want to download. The site automatically plays spooky music when you open it, so mute your volume if you open this at work.

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