FarmVille's Farmers Insurance Blimp takes a permanent break on your farm

Farmers Insurance Blimp
Farmers Insurance Blimp

It turns out that digital farmers everywhere loved the Farmers Insurance Airship so dearly (you mean the wither protection, right?) that FarmVille-creator Zynga and Farmers Insurance have decided to keep the zeppelin on your farmstead forever. Unfortunately, its extremely useful wither protection effect will fizzle out come Oct. 28. We're fairly certain that you loved the blimp's effect rather than the 246-foot-long aircraft itself.

However, Farmers Insurance hasn't ruled out bringing the effect back later on, but who knows when that will be. Well, good things don't last forever, especially things that are game-breakingly good. At least you can keep the thing around in storage until the company decides to power their famous blimp back on. Honestly, we really doubt many people will keep it floating above their farmland. Come on, the thing's huge!

At least players can still enter the Farmers Insurance contest to win a ride on the real zeppelin, which pretty much trumps the digital one in every way--digital crop protection included.

[Source: Farmers Insurance]

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