FarmVille Feed Trough: Everything you need to know

farmville feed trough
Time to shove aside some of those FarmVille Halloween decorations and make room for the new Feed Trough. This new building will help you attract a rotating list of wandering animals by filling it up with animal feed. Check back once a day to see what new animals (some common, some rare) have been lured in by your bait, then add them to your menagerie or sell them for extra coins.

Here's how to get started:

When you log into FarmVille, you should receive a pop-up that lets you know your trough is ready to be placed on your farm. If you don't get the pop-up or can't place the trough right away, you can find it lurking in your gift box.

farmville feed trough gift

Click 'use' to place the Animal Trough on your farm. Note: I had to clear out a spot to do it -- this building is roughly the same size as the pigpen and takes up four plots of space of your farm.

Once the trough is placed, the work has just started. The good news is that you don't have to collect building materials from friends to complete it, but you will have to collect feed from friends to start attracting animals. This can be done several ways:

1. Post a message on your Facebook wall asking for feed from friends.
2. Buy feed using Farm Cash (each 'serving' costs 1 Farm Cash).
3. Visiting neighbors can fill up your feed trough.
4. Score extra feed (sometimes) by visiting neighbors and filling their feed trough.

farmville feed trough inside

The trough will change appearance as it fills up with food. See the progression below:

farmville feed trough stages

Once your feed trough is full (it'll take 20 units to fill 'er up), you will get a notification and the option to share feed with friends via a Facebook Wall post.

farmville feed trough full

After the trough is full, check back every 24 hours to see if a wandering animal has taken up residence in your new trough. Don't wait too long, though, or the animal will wander away, taking some of your feed with it.

farmville poncho llama

farmville feed trough missed animal --

Looks like there will be rotating list of wandering animals, and you can see exactly which animals are making the rounds by looking inside your feed trough. Right now, the lineup consists of six animals (see image above), and only one -- the Pancho Llama -- is new to the game.

farmville feed trough animals

On a scale of 1-10, I'd rate this new feed trough about a 6. I'm already asking my FarmVille neighbors for enough stuff already and now asking for feed to maybe catch a cool animal, well, it feels like overkill. Maybe I'd be more motivated to beg for feed if there were more exclusive animals for the taking -- maybe that will be the case in the coming weeks.

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