Critter Island goes back to the 80's with new retro theme

Are you so wrapped up in Ravenwood Fair that you have forgotten that Lolapps also launched Critter Island not that long ago? We'll admit it, we're a bit smitten by Ravenwood Fair as well - but Critter Island is still cranking out content left and right. Not to be left behind, Critter Island has just released a fairly large set of 1980's themed items, and some of them are quite hilarious for those of us who were around to appreciate them. Here is a list of the new items:

Plumber vs Ape (Arcade Machine) - 30 FB Credits
Critter Ecu - 44 FB Credits
Rad Keytar - 9,700 coins
Doc's Special - 75 FB Credits
Buddy Tuxpin - Requires 9 Neighbors or 65 FB Credits
My Lil' Horsie Statue - 27,700 coins
Breakman Blaster - 35,700 coins
Piping Pete's Pizza - 77 FB Credits
Strawberry Augustus - 79 FB Credits
KC's Toy Store - 9 Neighbors or 285 FB Credits
Lazer Invaders - 170,000 coins
Sweet Aromatherapy - 200,000 coins

We'll be honest, a lot of these are pretty obscure and we don't really get them. But hey, we'll play along.

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