Cafe World Halloween Sale: Cafe Cash, expansions, spices and decorations discounted


From now until Halloween, Zynga is throwing a spooky Halloween sale in Cafe World, allowing you to pick up Cafe Cash and coin packages, spice bundles, and even cafe expansions on a discount.

Cafe Cash and coin bundles are marked down at least 10%, with the highest bundle of 1,250 Cafe Cash now costing a little more than $130 US, rather than the $160 normal price tag. If you've ever considered buying such a large bundle before, now would definitely be the time (a $30 savings is nothing to scoff at).

As for spices and expansions, they have been marked down a full 25%, allowing you to reach the largest cafe expansion for 1 million coins or stock up on Instant Thymes for as little as 25 Cafe Cash. Many decorative items have also been placed on sale, but there hasn't been a particular percentage given for how much the prices have changed.

Remember, this is a limited time sale, so be sure to take advantage of these prices while they last!

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Will you use this sale as an excuse to buy Cafe Cash, spices or a cafe expansion? Let us know what you think in the comments.

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