Cafe World Halloween Lightning Stove: Everything you need to know

While it may have looked like Zynga had finished releasing all of its Halloween themed goodies in Cafe World, that assumption was proven wrong tonight, with the release of the Halloween Lightning Stove.

Meet us behind the break for complete details on how to make one of these cute little stoves yours.

First things first, the Halloween Lightning Stove can be purchased outright from the store for 40 Cafe Cash, if you'd rather skip the following steps. If you're one that's saving your Cafe Cash for other purposes however, there most certainly is a free method.

Each and every player has access to a free Halloween Lightning Stove frame in the game's store. If you've already placed the maximum number of stoves into your cafe for your level, you'll need to remove one of the stoves to place this new frame. Once placed, you'll see a percentage appear above the stove, alerting you to the progress of its construction.

Clicking on the cute pumpkin frame lets you go about building the stove proper. You'll need to collect 40 items in total - 15 Haunted Books, 10 Candy Coils, 10 Scary Switches, and 5 Tricky Tubes.

Each item has an "Ask for More" button associated with it. Clicking on this button takes you to a reverse of the game's free gifts page, where you can send item requests to your Cafe World friends so that they can send you that particular ingredient. It's the same as sending a person a free gift, in that it will show up in their gift requests page, but they'll be helping you, rather than you helping them.

If at any time you'd like to stop waiting for friends to help you, you can complete the project by purchasing the remaining ingredients for Cafe Cash. The Haunted Books and Candy Coils cost 1 Cafe Cash each, while the Scary Switches cost 2 Cafe Cash, and the Tricky Tubes cost 3 Cafe Cash. This is definitely a more expensive way of completing the project though, as purchasing each ingredient individually would cost you 60 Cafe Cash in total. At that point, depending on how many ingredients your friends had already sent you, you might be better off simply buying the completed stove outright from the store.

Either way, once you finish the Lightning Stove, you'll be able to use it as you would any other Super or Lightning Stove. It cooks food 10% faster than a traditional stove, and will allow you to cook food in a single click, rather than preparing ingredients the old fashioned (read: time consuming) way.

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Will you build a Halloween Lightning Stove in Cafe World, or will you simply purchase it to ensure you have it completed in time for Halloween? Let us know in the comments. Add comment

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