Barnes & Noble unveils Nook Color for $249

Barnes & Noble officially launched a color eBook reader officially known as the Nook Color, which will be available starting November 19 for $249. The Nook Color has a 7-inch screen and provides access to the Barnes & Noble eBook store with more than 2 million titles, most of which you will find priced competitively to those available for the Amazon Kindle at $9.99 or less.

The addition of a color screen, web browser, ability to create and edit office documents and apps like Pandora and Sudoku make the Nook Color a bit more than an eBook reader like the Kindle and a bit less than a full-fledged tablet like the iPad.
In addition to eBooks, the Color Nook will provide access to magazines and newspapers in full color. While there isn't a pricing list for newspapers and magazines yet, users will be able to try a free 14-day sample of any magazine or newspaper subscription.

The Nook Color has a 1024 x 600 resolution screen with anti-glare technology built in. The device is WiFi only, so you'll need to be near an access point to buy books or get online. Barnes & Noble claims that the Nook Color's battery will last for around 8 hours of use on a charge, 2 hours less than an iPad and much less than the Kindle's three to four hours.

The Color Nook will support the Read in Store program which allows you to take your Nook into a Barnes & Noble store and read entire eBooks for free, up to one hour a day. It also features Nook Kids, which offers access to picture books, some of which can be brought to life by touching on the Nook's screen. Nook users can also lend select books to other Nook users, a feature that Amazon will soon be adding to the Kindle.

The Nook Color runs on the Android operating system, but it will not have access to all of the Android apps, such as the Kindle app for Android or Angry Birds. It appears that you will be able to play some videos on the device as well.

The Nook Color will be available at Best Buy, Walmart and Barnes & Noble stores starting around November 19. Hopefully, the Nook Color launch will go smoother than the launch of the original Nook which faced delays and back orders that spurred many potential buyers to opt for the Amazon Kindle instead.

For more photos and videos of the Nook Color check out the Nook Color Hands on video from our sister site Engadget.
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