Treasure Madness Halloween Maps and Gifts hide terrifying treasure

Treasure Madness Halloween Maps and Gifts hide terrifying treasure
Bat Island
Devil Island
Pumpkin Island
Scary Skull Island
Spider Island
Werewolf Island

Ever seen that episode of Scooby Doo where the gang takes a row boat to some nondescript haunted island in order to solve the next mystery? (More like every other episode.) Well, it seems that zSlide has seen their fair share of spooky isles and brought that inspiration to Treasure Madness with a massive 10 new maps to explore. Better yet, they all cost 1500 GP and below. Here is a list of all 10 haunted islands:

  • Scary Skulls Island: 750 GP, 154 tiles

  • Spider Island: 1,300 GP, 259 tiles

  • Scary Pumpkin Bay: 1,250 GP, 247 tiles

  • Frankenstein Island: 1,000 GP, 192 tiles

  • Black Cat Island: 1,250 GP, 250 tiles

  • Devil Island: 1,500 GP, 288 tiles

  • Werewolf Isle: 1,250 GP, 249 tiles

  • Angry Ghost Island: 1,150 GP, 230 tiles

  • Pumpkin Isle: 1,300 GP, 262 tiles

  • Bat Island: 700 GP, 145 tiles

Unfortunately, every one of these new maps has a very low treasure density and an average amount of gold to loot. But the maps do contain seven mysterious Halloween-themed collections. If you want all 10 maps and their rare collections, you better start saving that GP as these haunted islands will disappear in just 19 days.

Join us after the break for a look at the new free gifts available.