Tiki Resort's Halloween Night Charm sets the sun on your island

Halloween Night Charm
Halloween Night Charm

Do islanders even celebrate Halloween? Well, in Tiki Resort they do with the new Halloween Night Charm, which unlocks five Halloween mystery items and sets the night upon your island getaway. With the big night just around the corner, it's alright to have nighttime last a bit longer than usual. Not to mention that 29 Facebook Credits, or $2.90, isn't half bad for transforming the look of your entire island.

You'll also find that your visitors have donned zombie and witch costumes to keep the spirits high. But don't leave the islanders dressed up with nowhere to go. The Hallow's Eve Treehouse and the Borderland Haunted House are both 30 percent off, costing 70 ($7) and 105 ($10.50) Facebook Credits, respectively. So, now you have no excuse to avoid transforming your island into the ghoulish getaway it should be this season.

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