Social City Update: New terrain items transform cities into mountain valleys

Social City Mountain Terrain
Social City Mountain Terrain

While the Halloween festivities are, of course, still among us, Playdom continues to push tiny updates to Social City much like today's terrain update. Players can finally terraform their cities into bustling mountain valleys with five new terrain options:

  • Spencer's Butte: 15 City Cash, 10,000 Happiness and 325 XP

  • Skinner's Butte: 50,000 coins, 5,500 Happiness and 170 XP

  • Autumn Hills: 15,000 coins, 1,500 Happiness and 60 XP

  • Snowy Peak: 40 City Cash, 40,000 Happiness and 1,850 XP

  • Stony Peak: 2.5 million coins, 40,000 Happiness and 5,370 XP

While these new terrain items are horribly expensive, they will both grant your people mounds of happiness and you gobs of precious XP. In addition to the new land masses, there is also a limited edition Garden Center building that the Playdom community team announced was included in the update, though it's nowhere to be found. Hopefully the item is included in the game shortly. In the meantime, enjoy saving up for your not-so-quite mountain town.

[Image Credit: Playdom]

What are your thoughts on the new terrain items? Will you be terrforming your city into a mountain town? Sound off in the comments. Add Comment.

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