The Economic Recovery is Here: Should You Stay or Should You Go?

recoveryThe economic recovery is here. For many employees that recovery is strong enough for them to consider staying with their current job or leaving.

Almost 30 percent of high potential employees surveyed by the Corporate Executive Board, reports CNN Money, indicated they are planning to leave within a year. If you are one of them, what incentives offered by your employer should you pay attention to and factor into your decision to leave -- or stay?

Well, the signs that the employer has given serious thought to retaining quality employees like you include:

Integrating you in decision-making. Instead of simply carrying out orders, you play a role in planning corporate strategy and tactics. Employers who want to hold onto good employers are seeing to that.

Adding recruiting to your job description. Research shows that employees involved in finding talent for the organization feel so valued that their loyalty increases. Your employer asks you to scout around for employees just like you.

Not highlighting money. Studies of top performers show that money is never the tipping point in any decision about whether to remain with an employer.

Whether you stay or go, remember that everything keeps changing. The job you opted to keep will not be the one you work at tomorrow. And the one you took the risk to take will likely not be the one described to you. Moreover, that actual job you did sign on for will continue to evolve into what you might not have expected in this volatile global economy.

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