Pet Society's Spooky Furniture: Buy all four pieces for a matching room

Spooky Ghost Fireplace and Spooky Ghost Piano
Spooky Ghost Fireplace and Spooky Ghost Piano

Now, talk about a furniture deal. In honor of our favorite holiday (at the moment), Playfish has added a collection of Spooky Furniture to Pet Society. There are four beautifully animated pieces in all that each cost Playfish Cash, unfortunately. Here is the set of unlively furniture available:

  • Spooky Ghost Fireplace: 14 Playfish Cash

  • Spooky Ghost Piano: 15 Playfish Cash

  • Haunted Grandfather Clock: 13 Playfish Cash

  • Spooky Dinner for Two: 17 Playfish Cash

Find the other half of this limited edition furniture set after the break.