Pet Society Treasure Hunt: New Graveyard and updated Lost Treasures maps hide Halloween items through Oct. 31

Lost Treasures Map
Just in time for the rest of Pet Society's Halloween events and items comes two (sort of) new Treasure Hunt maps: the brand new Graveyard map and the updated Lost Treasures map, which will exclusively yield Halloween items through Oct. 31. Players will get five free shots at buried Halloween treasure a day on each map, just like always.

However, the selection of Halloween items in the Lost Treasures map will randomize on a timer just to mix things up. For the next two and a half hours as of this writing, it looks as if you'll be able to find a jack-o-lantern candy basket, a black couch, a trick-or-treat bag, a wreath of garlic, a shaking tile, an orange balloon, a pinup of a ghostly pet that looks an awful lot like Marilyn Monroe and what appears to be a vanity for what we'll assume is costume make up. (Say that five times fast.) So, act quickly if any of those items sound enticing to you before they change again.

Check after the break for a look at the new Graveyard Treasure Hunt map.

Graveyard Map
The brand new Graveyard map is located just to left of the snowy peaks and thankfully contains a specific set of Halloween-themed items (pictured below) in addition to a chance to yield one of seven parts of the Spooky Halloween Graveyard Decor set. This set of items will grow as one as you collect its seven pieces, creating a sort of super item when you've completed it.

Graveyard Items
While that Luminous Cute Halloween Ghost is adorable, we know that you're all going to go gaga over that Monster Under the Bed. Though, that might be a bit too much for the little one to handle. We imagine these items will be available for some time after Halloween considering the new map just released on Oct. 14, but anything is possible. So get to digging--and be smart about your moves--before the big night is upon us.

[Image Credit: Pet Society Wiki]

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