My Vineyard experiments with multiplayer parties on Vine Street

Playdom's My Vineyard game has been truly outdoing itself for this Halloween. They released the Spooky Vineyard minigame last week that allowed players to seek out and discover spooky secrets and create special Halloween wine blends. Today, they released the Nightmare on Vine Street party.

One thing that is truly unique about My Vineyard is how multiplayer the game is. While you are tending your own vineyard, players can come in and see you there and you can actually chat with them and start a conversation. Most Facebook games don't allow you to stop in and visit friend's farms or bakeries. Nightmare on Vine Street takes this multiplayer social capability and creates a big party. This party is a week long event that costs 3 Wine Cash to enter.

Once you've entered the party, you can chat with everyone else there. There are small quests that enable you to seek out special characters for rewards. You can play a bobbing for apples minigame, and also a Halloween themed trivia game. There is even a Fortune Teller who will tell you one free fortune per day. All this happens in a space with other players joining in on the fun. It's great to see games embracing multiplayer capability to really make these games more social. My Vineyard is doing a great job of getting everyone in the mood for Halloween.

Have you tried out the Nightmare on Vine Street Halloween party yet? Tell us in the comments!
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