Millionaire City's Halloween Week items are frighteningly expensive

Millionaire City Halloween Week
Millionaire City Halloween Week

It turns out that in Millionaire City you really do have to be a millionaire to enjoy Halloween, not to mention you might want a small wad of real cash. Digital Chocolate has added six new Halloween-themed buildings and attractions to the game that will turn your real estate empire into a frightening suburbia that looks oddly reminiscent of the set in Edward Scissorhands. The new items you'll find for sale are:

  • Dracula's Castle: 12 Gold, Wonder (Increases Income Bonus three percent)

  • Pumpkin House: 1,500,000 Dollars, 500 XP

  • Cursed Tree: Level 9 required

  • Shop of Horrors: Level 12 required

  • Trick or Treat Garden: Level 14 required

  • Zombie Cemetery: Level 23 required

  • Haunted House: Level 24 required

Unfortunately, some of the cooler items, of course, cost Gold while those that go for Dollars are asking for millions, which will put a serious dent into anyone's supply of funds. If you're interested in these lofty business opportunities, act quick as they'll only be around for another 13 days--how cute. Hey, at least you're not building a real Halloween-themed town. Now that would be pricey.

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What do you think of the new Halloween buildings and decorations in Millionaire City? Will you be putting up the big bucks (literally) for Dracula's Castle? Sound off in the comments. Add Comment.