Managers in Corner Offices: What Do They Do? Not Much!

managerThose managers in corner offices, so what do they do all day? The answer is: not much, at least that's real work.

Researcher Rebecka Arman at Sweden's University of Gothenburg found managers engaged in 111 activities daily, reports Rachael Kaufman at In conducting her study, Arman shadowed 10 managers in the health care industry. The lion's share of those 111 activities consisted of answering e-mails and attending meetings. Most of those e-mails and meetings involved "putting out fires and responding to decisions made by managers higher up in the organization," Kaufman said.

One wonders if those higher-up managers in the organization were also spending most of their time answering e-mails and attending meetings.

So, if you are not a manager, you might have work that entails more, well, real work. Also you might get more overall satisfaction from how you spend your day doing that work. For example, you may be driving a truck, unloading oxygen supplies, and keeping human beings alive. You may be saving a store millions of dollars in shrinkage by being a cynical and alert security guard. Or you may be achieving breakthroughs with an autistic student as a sensitive and persistent teacher's aide.

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